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Featured Tracks
Benjamin Pinkerton "Obvious Timing-ZM"
Benjamin Pinkerton
Genre: Orchestral/Cinematic - Light
Moods: airy, elegance, light, Melancholy, Reflective, sentimental, warm
Instrumental: Yes
Bosey Masket "Person To Person-ZM"
Bosey Masket
Album: Bosey Masket
Genres: Rock, Rock - Retro
Moods: bouncing, carefree, Confident, cool, Driving, Peaceful, proud, psychedelic, sassy, Sultry, Upbeat
Chris Qualls, Eric Straube and Jean Paul Robelot "Come On Out-ZM"
Chris Qualls, Eric Straube and Jean Paul Robelot
Genres: Rock, Rock - Indie
Moods: Aggressive, Confident, cool, Dark, Driving, powerful, Quirky, sassy, Sultry
Instrumental: Yes
Fate Under Fire "On The Water-ZM"
Fate Under Fire
Album: What Dreams Are Made Of
Genres: Artist Series, Rock - Alternative
Moods: bouncing, Feel Good, Inspirational, positive, Romantic, sentimental, warm
Gillian "Before We Go-ZM"
Album: Freak Flag
Genres: Artist Series, Rock, Rock - Indie
Jaymee Carpenter "Cooler Than You-ZM"
Jaymee Carpenter
Genres: Rock, Rock - Retro
Moods: Aggressive, bouncing, carefree, cool, Feel Good, Happy, positive, powerful, proud, Quirky, sassy
Instrumental: Yes
Jeremy Smith "Amused-ZM"
Jeremy Smith
Genres: Rock, Rock - Heavy
Moods: Aggressive, Confident, cool, Driving, Feel Good, intense, positive, powerful, Triumphant
Instrumental: Yes
Justin Paul Morales And Adam Paul Mazurk "Silver Shrine-ZM"
Justin Paul Morales And Adam Paul Mazurk
Genres: World, World - Asian/Indian
Ryan Detlefsen "Sister Suzie-ZM"
Ryan Detlefsen
Genres: Dramedy, Orchestral/Cinematic - Tension
Instrumental: Yes
Samuel Murphy "Distant Trance-ZM"
Samuel Murphy
Genre: Orchestral/Cinematic - Dark
Moods: Dark, haunting, hypnotic, tense
Instrumental: Yes
SPEC "I Can See Us Forever-ZM"
Album: SPEC
Genre: Artist Series
Terence Anderson "Quitters To The Right-ZM"
Terence Anderson
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B
Instrumental: Yes
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