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about us

Welcome to ZOOmania Music. We are a boutique music production company based in Los Angeles. Comprised of award winning producers, songwriters, and composers – ZOOmania Music is about creating a cohesive, yet diverse sonic landscape for our clients, including:

• Custom Score/Main Title Themes

• Trailers

• Music Catalog Services

• Sonic Branding/Adverstising Campaigns

• Artist One Stop Licensing

• Remixing/Sound Alikes


Jason Altshuler - Co-Founder/CEO

Jason has his 6th grade orchestra teacher to thank for his career in music. He was supposed to be placed in a woodshop class, but a scheduling error landed him in the beginner’s orchestra. This quickly spawned his unexpected lifelong passion for violins – not playing them, just passion for them. After he realized the drummer was the only one getting girls, he decided to lie his way into Advance Orchestra as the house drummer. He could not then, nor can he now play the drums. Flash forward to college – he picked up his first guitar and drove his roommates crazy with his horrid daily renditions of “Sunshine of Your Love”. If you come by the ZOOmania studios, he will treat you to any number of cover songs, ranging from the aforementioned “Sunshine of Your Love” (not quite as horrid as it used to be) to a wicked acoustic version of some part of “Paranoid Android” that you sort of recognize.

Now, a seasoned music supervisor/music editor/producer and composer, he and his childhood friend Jeremy Smith (after surviving 5 different bands together) founded ZOOmania Music with a very simple mission in mind: making great music for great projects. With a handful of films, including Hit & Run – Bradley Cooper/Kristin Bell, Maladies – James Franco, New York Doll, and a slew of television/film and commercial placements under his belt - 20th Television (How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, Divorce Court, Judge Alex, My Name is Earl, Boston Legal), Sony Television (Dr. Oz, Rules of Engagement, Till Death), Kingworld Entertainment (CSI Las Vegas, NYC, Miami, Everybody Loves Raymond), Jason brings a venerable set of skills in production and creativity. He walks softly and carries a big guitar. No violins.



Jeremy Smith - Co-Founder/CEO

Jeremy was forced to play piano when he was 7 years old. He hated it. He convinced his parents that he should play the alto saxophone at age 10. He hated it. He kept asking his parents for a drum set for Christmas. They wouldn’t buy him one – too loud. At 18 he bought his first guitar from Haight Ashbury Music and took lessons from Randy. He loved it. The first two CDs he owned were Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and “The Fat Boys are Back!” by - you guessed it - The Fat Boys. Jeremy’s been in a bunch of bands, many of them with ZOOmania’s co-founder Jason Altshuler in some form or another. He’s an engineer, producer and composer and enjoys everything from folk music to industrial.

He’s also an attorney, with roots from EMI/Capitol where he had the pleasure of watching the music industry scramble in a pre-iTunes/mid-Napster wave of litigation and horrible business models. A Los Angeles native, Jeremy brings an unmatched skill set to ZOOmania; counselor, producer, and composer. In his occasional spare time, you will find him hanging with his family in the Valley, keepin’ it real.



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